Psycholonials is a 2020 period piece Visual Novel by some guy called Andrew Hussie. It follows a depressed 23 year old, stuck home, quarantining, she tires of the cyclical existence known to all first year university students, comprising of day-drinking and doom-scrolling, though university is something she'd dropped out of following her dad's traumatic passing, with the only remnant of that part of her life being the manifesto she wrote. Sick of her listless lifestyle she opts to use her work to rebrand her pitiful social media presence with the help of a friend whose influencer status is far less questionable.

After an unfortunate series of events, involving: drunk-driving, a good cop and a shot-through manifesto, she's spurred to take her dogma to its logical conclusion: an anarchists revolution against the United States in an anti-imperial crusade of unrepentant clownery, with her at the helm as Supreme Honkifex of the jubilites.

Jubilitism is all about brutal liberation from authoritarian modes of systemic oppression, not least of which is forced gender conformity, freeing you to finally present as what you've always truly been: a clown.

In all seriousness I find it astonishing the degree to which this VN has remained obscure considering it was made by the author of Homestuck, sure it was years past its zenith, but you'd think former fans would at least be aware that there exists post-Homestuck Hussie work. It's one of the more coherent things they've written, playing into their strengths of natural sounding character dialog and exponentially rising stakes. All nicely appended by the, at this point, cliche yet well-meaning warning against getting bogged in the throes of trivial online drama and parasociality.
Surely that's relevant to you right? you're on neocities, you hate the homogeny of modern social media don't you?

The game was recently made free on steam, so I don't want to spoil what comes later in the story in case I've successfully indoctrinated you into the cult of the clown.

As a bit of supplementary material I recommend this video that talks about the game's parallels to real world socialist uprisings, it might be the only one of its kind covering Psycholonials that isn't just a long-winded plot summary.

For now, I leave you with this yaoi paddle clown.

all of the heinous shit Zhen gets up to is way funnier when you remember she was canonically a homestuck fan