Mirror stage is a 2009 top-down puzzle(?) game by Stephen Lavelle. From what I can tell it's one of his first major ones.◿

◸In it you play as a small green line navigating abstract polygonal environments, these spaces repeat recursively and you often need to ascend or descend through them in order to beat a level. The goal of any given level is unclear at the start, although most involve filling out polygons or reaching a specific point. You do get a vague idea of what your objective is through short expository interludes at the start of each stage.◿

◸The narrative is told through these small bits of text (as well as through gameplay in a handful of very memorable moments) and is what makes this game really special in my eyes, it's not especially noteworthy on its own, I'm still not ever sure if it's one big story or a handful of short ones, but it does manages to give a ton of character to a very abstract and minimal game. Not to take away from the incredibly mesmerizing gameplay, which somehow feel intuitive despite being so different from any other game I've played.◿

Tip: you can change the game's resolution by editing the config file in the settings folder.◿

Links and gifs!

▶ Link to the game on Stephen Lavelle's website

god this game is so pretty

Here's a walkthrough of the game in case you get stuck or just prefer watching someone play it, though I would really recommend you try it yourself first.