The witch's house is a puzzle horror game by Fummy, released in 2012, originally made in RPG maker VX ace and later in 2018 remade in MV.

In it you play as a young girl named Viola who wakes up before a large house in the woods, with her way back blocked by a large bush of roses she has no chose but to venture inside.

The developer has also released a novel serving as a prequel to the game.


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Personal Thoughts

This is one that always stuck with me, I remember watching let's plays of it when I was a kid and getting really freaked out by all the death scenes, definitely a personal favorite.

Default RPG maker tilesets are usually a bad sign but they're used very well here. Moody atmosphere and simple puzzles, that are nonetheless pretty memorable (except for the skulls one, I'm still not sure how you're supposed to interpret the directions given to you on that one). Objects and NPCs constantly move around in the house as you backtrack through rooms, these events are mostly there to catch you off guard but I find them to be a really nice touch, I ended up seeing many for the first time when replaying it for this page, you'll definitely find new ones if you go looking for them. Of course there's also the plot twist at the end, if you manage to get Ellen's knife during the escape sequence it recontextualizes the events of the game in a neat way.

I suppose I should also mention the remake and novel.

From what I can tell the remake is basically an upgrade in every way, adding more polish and an extra mode that changes the puzzles and just overall adds more content, it'll probably warrant another playthrough. All of the graphics have been overhauled as well, which looks great, though I find the originals' have more of a charm to them, again really good use of default tilesets.

As for the novel, I haven't read it yet, if at any point I do I'll update this section.