for those of you neurotypical enough to not immediately deduce what this is:
Desiredriven is a Homestuck x Touhou crossover fangame made in RPGmaker(VX Ace) released circa 2013, aiming to re-create the events of Homestuck act 1 with a cast of touhou characters, specifically the UFO and TD crews, reinterpreted to fit the mold of their respective Homestuck counterparts.

I was initially skeptical of its quality hearing the premise, but sure enough an entire team's effort shines through.

The writing is quite evocative of, and on par with, the source material (or at least what I can recall of it all these years later), you'd hope this to be the case considering you'll be spending most of your playtime reading dialog, and boy is there a lot of it, it took me just about 8 hours to get to the end, though I attempted to read everything these was to be read and am also profoundly dyslexic, so your mileage may vary.

Character interactions are the main appeal of this thing, if you're not into both IPs I imagine there's not much get out of it, maybe if you only liked Homestuck, since it's more like that with Touhou based OCs than vice versa, of course don't let me dissuade you if your interest has been piqued, you might discover something new.


> Behold screenshots


> Download the game


I want to take a moment to mention how much I love these character designs.

The artstyle of these portraits is reminiscent of Homestuck's flashes, which is great on its own but the cherry on top is the outfits they've been fitted with, I assume some might bounce off the modernized casual wear but I'm all for it.

It's such a shame these will likely never again see the light of day, I cherish every bit of fan-art I can scavenge.

how can you not adore these androgynous little dweebuses <3

where are they now?

If there's an Act 1 then surely an Act 2 follows? Well it seems like one was in development, here's some screenshots from one of the devs' tumblr

unfortunately, at some point the team disbanded and Desiredriven was left to obscurity.
Apparently some of the devs went on to work on Heartbeat, another RPGmaker game.


Someone made a partial GZDoom remake of the game, neat

you can find that here