At my desk I always keep some lose sheets of papers and a fineliner, so that anytime I need to wait for something I can keep my hands busy, this isn't something I consciously choose to set up, my desk just happened to be messy enough times for me to make it a habit.

Since high-school I've probably accumulated hundreds of these amorphous doodles, most of which aren't worth showing off but there are a few among the pile I consider highlights. I don't have any way of scanning these (though I'm not sure I'd even bother if I did), so shaky phone pics it is.

This one was really fun to draw, I might come back to this idea. You naturally end up varying the patterns over time just trying to fill out the page.
While none of these I consider to be finished, I just keep adding to them until I no longer feel like it, this one is the most "unfinished" out of them. There's a lot I like that's already here though, especially the middle-right section.
This is one of the oldest ones (some time in 2019?), I think they got denser the more of them I drew.
Not much of substance here, I just like looking at it.
I like the little guy in the middle, I got tons of little guys like this.
Older ones, don't have anything to say about these.
I needed to quickly draw something abstract for an art class, this was the result. The teacher seemed to really like it.
This one was done on a larger piece of A3 paper, it was intended for a short art class I was in as part of a bigger course I was taking at the time. Once I missed the deadline I lost any drive to keep working on it. Some parts are pretty sloppy, bottom right of the lower square looks very flat and noisy, still there's a lot I like here

These are the oldest of the bunch, I started drawing them one after the other when I found a small stack of sticky-notes-sized paper, filling out one a day was a fun exercise.

These blobs are something I default to when I don't have any ideas (man the lighting did this one dirty).
This one is the last I did for this set of small ones, and also my favorite. When I showed these to some friends and asked which one they liked the most I was surprised to see it get easily overshadowed.
Square! people I show these to always seem to like this one the most.
This one has some nice set pieces, not a huge fan of whatever is happening in the top-right.
I like the idea here but it looks underbaked.

There's something about fineliners that makes them very satisfying to put to paper, would recommend to anyone artistically inclined.